Who Are We?

Grace Advertising is M/WBE certified. Although equipped to serve most industries, we specialize in health care and nonprofit branding and digital marketing.

About Our Agency

Grace Advertising & Consulting, Inc., established in 2007, has served clients for 16 years. Our mission is altruistic. Serving the greater good is always our number one goal. As a part of our mission, we’ve created a platform called accessHealth that centers health, racial equity, and social justice as it relates to women and people of color.

Ready to Serve

We also produce the accessHealth podcast to keep audiences informed about health policy and public health issues. Able to serve virtually any industry, we have a heart for health care and nonprofits.​That’s why we are inherently equipped to support your health care facility or nonprofit organization. 

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Whether it’s an advocacy campaign or a rebranding effort, we help our clients thrive as community assets. Reach out to schedule a video chat or conference call to learn more about Grace Advertising.



Pieces We’ve Penned

ida b. wells

No Equity Without Quality, No Quality Without Equity

January 2023

With more than 50 organizations participating, the Kansas City Health Equity Learning and Action Network provides a forum for engagement, girded by a shared agenda, with education, training, tools, and expertise to markedly change systems, policies, and structures.

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postpartum and covid

Health Equity: What It Means to Rural Health Community Leaders

December 2022

Rural health leaders and stakeholders across Missouri and Kansas are combatting the rural health equity gap by prioritizing community, collaboration, and diversity, all strategically conducted through an equity lens.

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latinx and health insurance

Old Passions, Modern Causes, New Heights

October 2022

Grace Advertising & Consulting, Inc., has always had an altruistic mission and vision – to leverage all gifts, skills, talents, and resources to serve the greater good. Through that lens, Altruism Media, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, was founded.

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Simply put, we love what we do.


I often say, ‘If you love what you do so much, you’d do it for free, then you are truly blessed.’ And that we are. Whether serving a metropolitan nonprofit, or a rural community health center, we are committed to this work.

- Tonia Wright, CEO

Meet Your Team

Our core team is backed by software developers, copy writers, and proofreaders. Collectively we are your strategic branding and digital marketing team.

Tonia Wright

Tonia Wright


Marjorie Langas

Marjorie Langas

Sr. Graphic Designer, Tech Support

Elena Cleaves

Elena Cleaves

Staff Writer, Marketing Manager

Hafsa Tahir

Hafsa Tahir

Multimedia Designer

Katie Feuerstein

Katie Feuerstein

Staff Writer

Janice Ingram

Janice Ingram


Gabi Dombrowski

Gabi Dombrowski

Software Developer

Heidi Koger

Heidi Koger



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