Marketing as a Career: Is It For You?

//Marketing as a Career: Is It For You?

Marketing as a Career: Is It For You?

There are many reasons why an individual may choose to pursue a career in marketing and advertising. All businesses, no matter the industry or organization, need marketing to thrive – it is a service that is always in demand. Marketing is a way to connect with people, tell stories, innovate, and spearhead solutions. Additionally, marketing is fast pace and highly competitive.

Throughout each technological advance, industries across the board remain in a state of upheaval and transformation. It takes the best and the most tenacious to keep up with the rapid flow of change. As a result, marketers are always trying something new. If a person fears the mundane, marketing as a profession is an ample choice for them.

Marketing ranges from research to project management, and what’s required of an individual marketer may change on a daily basis. While this is all convincing, how does an individual know that marketing is the career path for them?

Marketing is a career that one can stick with for the long run. There is always a new technology to explore, a new demographic to appeal to, and new strategy development that must cater to changes in the market. Marketers juggle many different hats within their fields and they have the opportunity to work with people of all cultures and backgrounds. This poses a constant challenge, yet sense of accomplishment for the outgoing professional.

With the reach of the internet and the ease-of-use and accessibility of industry standard software and technology, the sky is the limit for creative marketers who have big ideas to execute on a smaller budget. There are many ways to run a full-blown marketing campaign online with little to no overhead.  These campaigns not only get the job done, t they are often fun to execute. An individual who pursues client services, such as organizing the marketing for non-profits, also has a hand in making a positive impact on other people’s lives.

As with any career, there are more than just the positives to consider when an individual is deciding whether or not it is the right pursuit for them. Just because marketing is always in demand, doesn’t mean anyone is cut out for it. A person may be great at developing strategy, but how effective are they in writing and communication? How well can they handle the many personality types they will encounter doing business? Are they willing to be a jack of all trades and have a niche at the same time, or does a steady-paced career, focused on a particular skillset, hold more appeal? Is the thought of taking risks frightening? Is the individual willing to thrive in a career where they are constantly learning something new?

Individuals who wish to branch out into a career in marketing must understand that it will not be like what they watched on AMC’s Mad Men. However, that doesn’t mean their career won’t be fun and rewarding. Additionally, as with anything, not every endeavor will be an instant success. In an article for Rasmussen College, Jordan Scheltgen, founder of CAVE marketing, is quoted, “It takes a certain blend of intelligence, creativity and blind faith to launch a marketing campaign. If you fail, fail fast and start over.”

Thick skin and outgoing spirit are just two of the many qualities it takes to be a successful marketer. While many career paths also require this, there are professional spheres that are just as rewarding but much quieter. What a person decides to do depends on their own personality and what they know they can handle. The marketing world is not for the faint of heart, but for many the ride is still a thrill.


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