Grace Advertising Collaboration

You know your business better than anyone else. Our job is to walk alongside of you and quickly learn it too so that we become stewards of your brand.

From day one, we will collaborate with you to create obtainable objectives, leverage the right tactics to meet those objectives, execute those tactics in a strategic manner and, last but not least, measure results. 

We pride ourselves on doing the heavy lifting because we know that you juggle more than enough.

Client Spotlight: Lafayette County Prevention Coalition (LCPC)
Grace Advertising worked alongside LCPC to create marketing messages, social media campaigns and a website to push smoke-free ordinances in Lafayette County. Currently, this advocacy campaign is being decided in Odessa, Missouri, as the city's aldermen ponder the pros and cons of making Odessa a smoke-free community.

Some of the marketing messages we created inspired a heated debate between advocates and smokers about the "right" to breathe clean air. That was one of the objectives of the campaign. This push also sparked a heated debate at a town hall meeting. Citizens for and against smoke-free policies gathered to weigh in on the subject.

Plans are underway to move this debate to other parts of the county. The ultimate goal behind this campaign is to help more cities in the county pass smoke-free ordinances.

Campaign elements:
  • Editorial - articles and letters to the editor
  • Dedicated website
  • Email marketing
  • Social media 
  • YouTube
  • Print ad campaigns
  • Outdoor campaign
  • Community outreach