AI Marketing Pushes the Industry Forward

//AI Marketing Pushes the Industry Forward

AI Marketing Pushes the Industry Forward

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a general term that describes the use of a computer or software that models and/or replicates intelligent behavior. When AI is brought up, it’s easy to imagine HAL 9000 or something else sinister. AI is so tightly woven into everyday life, it is hardly noticed. Examples of AI include Siri, Lyft, and Uber, email (spam filters and smart email categorization), mobile banking, social media, and more. As a functional part of daily routine, it’s natural that marketers would find a way to integrate this technology into their business strategies.

According to Emarsys, a data science and execution platform, AI marketing leverages customer data and AI concepts, such as machine learning, to anticipate a customer’s next move and improve the customer journey. In other words, AI marketing uses technology to study consumer behavior and grow business based on its findings. It does this through sales forecasting, social media analyzation, digital ad campaigns, consumer profiles, and real-time conversations with consumers. Obviously, this is all done through little to no manual work, leaving little risk for error.

AI marketing provides insights that can shift the way a company does business. If a marketer needs to identify areas that need focused effort, AI can analyze the search engine and social media search patterns of consumers and gain greater insight. Similarly, marketers can tailor ads to different individuals based on their browsing habits. The websites a person visits or the types of things they search often determine the ads they see across the web. AI-bots also allow consumers 24/7 access to customer service. Click on any given website, and a chat bubble offering assistance usually pops up. Outside of the internet, and slightly more extreme, facial recognition allows marketers to recognize consumers in their stores and push tailored ads and promotions to their apps and social media. While some people might not be comfortable with this, it is a testament to how AI marketing continues to advance.

From print and radio to TV and the internet, the world of marketing continuously shifts itself to adhere to technological advancement and the way consumers interact with it.

Technology shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. As AI marketing and other advancements mold the ad industry, it is in the marketing strategist’s best interest to leverage these innovations in the most ethical and efficient way possible.

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